Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the most cost-effective Granite Isolator platform for my application?
A. Please refer to the selection guide in Applications and Products to choose the Granite Isolator size and load capacity that fits your application.
Q. Can I stack two Granite Isolator platforms to obtain even better vibration attenuation?
A. Yes, this is very effective and is referred to as a "two-stage" vibration isolator. For example, placing a 13x15 inch platform (70 lbs capacity) on top of a 16x21 inch platform (140 lbs. capacity) would support a maximum load of 70 lbs. and be very effective at reducing vibration. Similarly, putting two 16x21 inch platforms (140 lbs capacity) on top of each other would give a capacity of 100 lbs. and would also be very effective at reducing vibration levels.
Q. How long does it take to set up the Granite Isolator platform?
A. Unlike installation and handling of an air vibration isolation table, set-up of the Granite Isolator is quick and easy. It consists of sliding it under the microscope, precision scale, etc. and takes only a few minutes.
Q. Does the Granite Isolator have a “service life" and is any maintenance required?
A. Long-term reliability is assured because there is nothing to adjust or maintain. The Granite Isolator is highly reliable because it consists of only a granite mass on compliant supports. There are no air bladders, seals, or air valves that require maintenance over time.

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