Our Customers Comments

"Our microscope steps through focus and captures images at each focus position to create a 3D image. If there is any vibration between successive focus positions, it shows up as artifacts that are easily seen in the 3D image. When we placed our microscope on the Granite Isolator, the artifacts disappeared. Your silicone material gives us amazing improvement in our images."

"When we first purchased the Granite Isolator products, we were concerned about the long term reliability. After yearsof service, we have not seen any performance degradation whatsoever. This product is maintenance free and highly reliable."
"Our researchers' and technicians' work stations are equipped with 1000X magnification microscopes. Before we started using the Granite Isolators, there were a lot of complaints about eye fatigue, headache, etc. consequently productivity suffered. This problem was eliminated as soon as the microscopes were fitted with the Granite Isolator."
"We were looking for a simple yet effective vibration isolation device that is low cost, easy to install and doesn't require regular servicing. The Granite Isolator met our requirements and exceeded our expectations."

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microscope vibration, anti-vibration
microscope vibration, anti-vibration
Vibration control, anti-vibration