Granite Isolator™ Benefits

  1. Simple and effective vibration isolation.

  2. Reduced eye fatigue compared to no vibration isolation.

  3. Compared to an air vibration isolation table, the Granite Isolator is significantly less expensive and does not require an air supply.

  4. Installation and handling is easier than an air vibration isolation table which can be quite heavy. The 13 x 15 Granite Isolator weighs just 24 lbs. Set-up consists of simply sliding the Granite Isolator under the microscope or precision scale.

  5. It is reliable because the Granite Isolator consists of only a granite mass on compliant supports. No air bladders, seals, or air valves that can run into problems over extended periods of time. Long-term reliability is assured because there is nothing to adjust or maintain.

  6. Cleanroom compatible. There are no moving parts, no air valves that have been known to send bursts of particle-laden air into the cleanroom. Granite is very abrasion resistant and an ideal cleanroom material.

  7. Much smaller and lower profile than air tables or benchtop air platforms.

  8. If the center of gravity of the microscope is too high, benchtop air isolation platforms can run into problems such as tilting too much or bottoming out on the isolators on one side. This problem is often solved by making the air isolation platform much larger than the microscope base. Unfortunately, this wastes useful table space. The Granite Isolator does not need to be significantly larger than the microscope base.

Although the Granite Isolator platform does not isolate from vibration as well as an air table, it is well suited for the 200x to 1000x objective magnification range. Higher magnifications should continue to use air tables.

Note however that air tables can also be used with the Granite Isolator platform for better vibration control than obtained with air isolators alone.